‘Comfort Food’ is nothing more awesome than a warm blanket

As the weather becomes permanently frigid and extremely ‘blah’ (how else can I describe it?) nothing seems more comforting than warm, hearty food, right?  Admit that you’d love nothing more than to curl up in your jammies and indulge in a bowl of something warm and delicious.  Some mac n’ cheese, chicken noodle soup…extra noodles!, … Read more

Pizza Friday!

There’s a new weekly event happening in my house, and it’s amazing. Pizza Friday happens, well, every Friday, and each week I strive to make the best darn Italian pie I can. No phoning the local delivery service (I’m NEVER happy with pizza from a box) and obviously no cheating by sticking a frozen, pre-fab … Read more

Hungry for something yummy? Welcome to KATK!

Love food.  Live well. It’s simple really, and it’s what I’m all about! Welcome to Kate and the Kitchen. You can read up some more on who I am by visiting the KATK home page…so in the meantime let’s talk food.  In fact, let’s talk healthy food, easy food and tasty-in-your-mouth food! As a nutritionist … Read more