Pasta with Cream Sauce…or is it?

Here are the facts.  That random craving for Fettucini Alfredo will set you back around 1200 calories and 60+ grams of fat…and that’s just for 1 cup.  So if you order this creamy indulgent dish in a restaurant that serving could easily climb to two cups.  Yikes.  And what are the benefits of eating all … Read more

Almond Flax Bread (GF)

A delicious alternative to regular bread, for those who can’t tolerate gluten.  This savoury bread resembles a loaf cake, like banana bread, but can be topped with all sorts of unsweetened toppings, such as mashed avocado with sea salt and lime, egg salad with dill and capers or a spicy mango chutney and some old … Read more