Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

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Individual sessions designed to assess and recommend dietary and lifestyle habit changes to improve health.

  • Virtual coaching sessions
  • Special dietary needs support
  • One-on-one or small group (i.e. family or couple) coaching
  • Nutritional tools and resources provided on going
  • Stress-free, positive and encouraging support
  • PLENTY of delicious healthy eating tips, tricks and easy-to -prepare recipes
  • Customized healthy eating plan available
  • Email communications between sessions

pricing *NEW pricing in effect October 1st 2023*

60-min Initial Assessment + 30-min follow up session  $325

Follow up package with goal-oriented focus (4x monthly or bi-weekly sessions) $275

7-Day Customized Healthy Eating Guide & Meal Plan (Individual or Family) $225

All fees subject to HST

If you're afraid of butter,

use cream.

- Julia Child

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