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Pasta with Cream Sauce…or is it?

Here are the facts.  That random craving for Fettucini Alfredo will set you back around...

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Butternut, meet Buttercup!

How ugly is this squash??? Seriously.  Since the winter already brings us few appealing vegetables,...

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Peace, Love and Granola

Poor granola.  Been through so much over the years.  First a super health food, promoted...

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Squash n’ Beets n’ Greens, Oh My!

Today is Monday.  If you’re practicing ‘Meatless Monday’ then you’re off to a great week...

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Spaghetti Pie: When leftovers become lunch…yep, I said pie!

Here’s a quickie but a goodie 🙂 Rather than re-heat leftover pasta, whether it’s spaghetti...

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That Yellow Spice is 600 Times as Nice!

Turmeric is gaining serious popularity these days, after only centuries of existing on earth and...

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Forget your Valentine, chocolate is better eaten alone

Alright, fine.  Share if you must.  But if your Valentine can’t appreciate the love and...

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Is Butter Healthy? Heck yes it is!

Rather than re-write the exact same thing I’m letting Clean Eating Magazine tell you why...

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Coo Coo for Coconut…and no, it’s not just another fad

So here’s the skinny on coconut…Yep, I said skinny. Coconut DOES NOT  make you fat....

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‘Comfort Food’ is nothing more awesome than a warm blanket

As the weather becomes permanently frigid and extremely ‘blah’ (how else can I describe it?)...

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Pizza Friday!

There’s a new weekly event happening in my house, and it’s amazing. Pizza Friday happens,...

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Hungry for something yummy? Welcome to KATK!

Love food.  Live well. It’s simple really, and it’s what I’m all about! Welcome to...

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