Workplace Wellness Seminars

promoting employee health and well-being
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KATK has online presentation options for your employees, including:

  • 45-60 minute nutrition and lifestyle-focused webinars. Topics listed below.
  • 30-minute Lunchtime Express option
  • 45-60 minute "Ask the Expert" session, Q&A format or discussion style.
  • All sessions use company's preferred and provided meeting platform
  • All sessions include information handouts for all participants

available topics:

  • Ten Healthy Habits

Sustained energy and healthy weight are achievable by adopting 10 simple habits.  Katie outlines what it takes to make positive and lasting changes for eating well, feeling great in your body, and never having to give up the foods you love!


  • Plant-Based Fundamentals

Plants are still in power! Health Canada revised the national food guide to emphasize eating less meat, more veg, and a variety of less common plant-based foods. Join Katie for easy tips and tricks on shopping, meal planning and preparing simple meals that feature a few more plants for feeling a whole lot better.


  • Mindfully Nourished

Food, mood, and stress are all connected and can influence how we feel in all aspects of daily living.  Join Katie as she outlines the health benefits of foods that can help stabilize mood, enhance mental health, and manage stress, while providing tips for practicing mindfulness when it comes to eating, breathing, and thinking positively.

  • Home or Away, Eat Well Every Day

Life continues to be a real balancing act.  Whether working at home or heading out to the office, eating well can be challenging when there is so much confusing information out there!  Join Katie for a relaxed and informative session outlining stress-free dietary strategies and simple recipes for following a healthy eating plan from wherever you spend most of your days. 


  • Five to Thrive Food is function! 

What we eat affects much more than satisfying an appetite.  Join Katie as she explains the importance of including 5 common foods into any diet for supporting health and longevity, plus examples of how easy it is to include them in simple meal and snack preparations.


  • Plan Well to Eat Well

We are all so busy!  Planning healthy meals and finding time to cook after a long day can feel overwhelming.  Join Katie for a motivating session to help YOU get organized in the kitchen, make mealtime much more approachable (and way less stressful) and prove that you can stay on track with healthy eating goals...even when life is hectic!

pricing *NEW pricing in effect Oct 1st, 2022*

  • 45-60 minute webinar - $525 (up to 40 participants, + $150 for each additional 20)
  • 30 minute webinar- $395  (same as above for 40+ participants)
  • 'Ask the Expert'-$395 (No formal presentation, simply a nutrition Q&A session to address needs and questions from participants)


HST will be added to all pricing

Don't eat anything your great-grandmother

wouldn't recognize as food.

-Michael Pollan

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