Healthy Recipe Demonstrations

live and interactive
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Invite Chef Katie into your home office or workplace for a live culinary demonstration:

  • 45-60 minute online demonstration, featuring healthy, seasonal recipe preparations
  • Handouts and recipes sent to all participants prior to session
  • Nutrition and culinary tips included in every demonstration
  • Option for employees to cook alongside Chef Katie
  • OPTIONAL:Β  30 minute Lunchtime Express session (1 featured recipe)

themes and recipes:

NEW for Winter!

  • Seasonal & Local: Cooking what's available!
  • Rainbow Recipes for Monday Blues
  • Speedy Suppers: 10 Ingredients or less!


  • Back to Basics: Healthy Cooking 101
  • Simple & Soothing Soups
  • Plant Powered & Heart Healthy


  • Regular 45-60 min session - $435 (up to 40 participants, + $150 for each additional 20)
  • Lunchtime Express session- $315Β  (same as above for 40+ participants)
  • Additional cost for recipe ingredients (depending on fluctuating food costs, typical range is $75-95)

Don't eat anything your great-grandmother

wouldn't recognize as food.

-Michael Pollan

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