Healthy Recipe Demonstrations

live and interactive
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Invite Chef Katie into your home office or workplace for a live culinary demonstration:

  • 45-60 minute online demonstration, featuring healthy, seasonal recipe preparations
  • Handouts and recipes sent to all participants prior to session
  • Nutrition and culinary tips included in every demonstration
  • Option for employees to cook alongside Chef Katie
  • OPTIONAL:  30 minute Lunchtime Express session (1 featured recipe)

themes and recipes:

NEW for Fall and Winter!

  • Seasonal & Local 

Cooking what's available throughout this season, emphasizing fresh produce, plant friendly options and grill-worthy recipes.

  • Rainbow Recipes for Monday Blues

Starting off the workweek fueled and focused! These quick-to-prepare, satisfying morning meal recipes balance nutrient and energy needs, while keeping sugar intake low to help stabilize mood and keep the mind sharp.

  • Back to Basics: Meal Essentials for Busy Days

No-fuss recipes that will become kitchen favourites to help simplify meal prep and create satiating results for when life is busy and people are hungry!  These culinary must-makes include whole roasted chicken, homemade salad dressing, fluffy rice, skillet suppers and perfectly cooked fish.

  • Better Baking: Muffins, Cookies and Cake, Oh My!

Baked goodies that pack a nutritional punch and please a sweet tooth.  An introduction to novice baking techniques and concepts is included for creating anytime treats (yes, even breakfast!) for taking to work or enjoying at snack time. 

  • A Grilled Cheese Adventure: Bread + Cheese = Possibilities!                     

*A great option for interactive, team building class with vegan options available*

How do we all love thee?  Let us explore the grilled cheese ways!  Traditional, plant-based or fancy and gourmet, these well-loved sandwich recipes are sure to impress any grilled cheese lover for any occasion when making food is just so much fun!

  • Comforting Canadian Classics

Recipes that remind how awesome it is living in the #truenorth are featured in this special session that demonstrates a balance between healthy and indulgent. Recipe choices include, Moose Ears (aka Beaver Tails), Canadian Split Pea Soup, Perfectly Roasted Pacific Salmon and Two-Potato Poutine!



 Holiday Season (Nov and Dec):


  • Always Room for Chocolate

Uncomplicated, easy-to-prepare desserts that feature both the decadence and health properties of chocolate!


  • Around the World in One Cookie!

Using one classic cookie dough to create a collection of holiday-flavoured inspirations featuring seasonal ingredients from home and around the world


  • Holiday Dinner Sides & Stars

Sides dishes finally get the recognition they deserve!  Showcasing simple and seasonal ingredients, allowing them to shine on the plate and create flavourful memories.  Vegetarian recipes are featured in this session, with the ability to stand alone or accompany any traditional holiday protein.


  • Delicious Gift Giving

Dazzle any host, neighbour, or teacher with a homemade gift from your kitchen!  Awaken your inner culinary magic for preparing giveaways such as cookies, chocolates, preserves and savoury snacks that are sure to warm hearts and bellies.



pricing *NEW pricing in effect Oct 1st, 2022*

  • Regular 45-60 min session - $525 (up to 40 participants, + $150 for each additional 20)
  • 30-min Lunchtime Express session- $395  (same as above for 40+ participants)
  • Additional cost for recipe ingredients (depending on fluctuating food costs, typical range is $95-150)

Don't eat anything your great-grandmother

wouldn't recognize as food.

-Michael Pollan

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