Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

live and interactive
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Invite Chef Katie into your home office or workplace for a live culinary demonstration:

  • 45-60 minute online demonstration, featuring healthy, seasonal recipe preparations
  • Handouts and recipes sent to all participants prior to session
  • Nutrition and culinary tips included in every demonstration
  • Option for employees to cook alongside Chef Katie
  • OPTIONAL:  30 minute Lunchtime Express session (1 featured recipe)

themes and recipe examples:


  • Seasonal & Local 

The most delicious and available ingredients for the season are featured among recipes that promise nourishing and taste-driven results.  Recipes vary from one-pan meals and wholesome grain bowls or salads to oven-roasted (or grilled) favourites with savory sides and a comforting dessert.  Each season helps create a variety of culinary possibilities.


  • Rainbow Recipes for Monday Blues

Starting off the workweek fueled and focused! These quick-to-prepare, satisfying morning meal recipes balance nutrient and energy needs, while keeping sugar intake low to help stabilize mood and keep the mind sharp.


  • Back to Basics: Meal Essentials for Busy Days

No-fuss recipes that simplify meal prep and create satiating results for when life is busy and everyone is hungry!  These soon-to-be favourites can include roasted chicken, 'not boring' salads with homemade dressing, one-pan suppers, speedy sides and perfectly cooked fish...the Canadian way!


  • Better Baking: Muffins, Cookies and Cake, Oh My!

Baked goodies that pack a nutritional punch and please a sweet tooth.  An introduction to novice baking techniques and concepts is included for creating anytime treats (yes, even breakfast!) for taking to work or enjoying at snack time. 




  • A Grilled Cheese Adventure: Bread + Cheese = Possibilities!                     

*A great option for interactive, team building class with vegan options available*

How do we all love thee?  Let us explore the grilled cheese ways!  Traditional, plant-based or fancy and gourmet, these well-loved sandwich recipes are sure to impress any grilled cheese lover for any occasion when making food is just so much fun!


  • Comforting Canadian Classics

Recipes that remind how awesome it is living in the #truenorth are featured in this special session that demonstrates a balance between healthy and indulgent. Recipe choices include, Moose Ears (aka Beaver Tails), Canadian Split Pea Soup, Perfectly Roasted Pacific Salmon and Two-Potato Poutine!


  • Always Room for Chocolate

Uncomplicated, easy-to-prepare desserts that feature both the decadence and health properties of chocolate!







pricing *NEW* on-site availability effective Oct 1st, 2022*

  • Regular 30-60 min session - $525 (up to 30 participants, + $150 for each additional 10)
  • On-site cooking demonstrations available -$675
    • No heat/no cook recipes provided
    • Recipes samples for all participants
  • Additional cost for recipe ingredients (depending on fluctuating food costs, typical range is $100-150)

All pricing subject to HST

Don't eat anything your great-grandmother

wouldn't recognize as food.

-Michael Pollan

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