Peace, Love and Granola

Poor granola.  Been through so much over the years.  First a super health food, promoted by doctors to get people to stop eating meat and start eating more whole grains and nuts.  Vegetarians and tree-huggers gobbled it up, but if you were a ‘normal’ person you stuck to your morning bowl of Cream of Wheat … Read more

Squash n’ Beets n’ Greens, Oh My!

Today is Monday.  If you’re practicing ‘Meatless Monday’ then you’re off to a great week of healthy eating!  Woohoo! March is also Nutrition Month across Canada, so if you’re planning on picking up better eating habits you may as well make March your month! How about starting off the week (and month) with a few … Read more

Sautéed Rapini with Chili and Garlic

The Italians LOVE their rapini, and if you can appreciate a bitter green (they are quite bitter) then this recipe could become a new favorite.  It’s definitely one of my new loves 🙂 Typically rapini is blanched before sauteeing, but I’m not a fan of this extra step because all those health boosting nutrients (vitamins … Read more

Roasted Red Beet and Squash Salad with Feta

This wholesome and colourful recipe is has been adapted from one of Toronto Food Share’s beautiful salad creations…which they even take into their Good Food Cafe, a program offering delicious and healthy meals to kids at school! For more information about Food Share (and if you’d like to volunteer in any of thier food promotion … Read more