Healthy Lifestyle Support in the Workplace = Happy & Productive Employees

Promoting and investing in the health and well-being of employees is one of THE BEST decisions employers can make.

Motivating employees to stay fit, eat healthy, reduce stress, and engage in other healthy lifestyle practices can help improve an organization’s culture and help create a supportive environment where people want to work!

Successful workplace wellness programs benefit both employees and organizations in the following ways:

  • Higher job satisfaction, which means a lower turnover rate

  • Fewer employee absences and disability claims

  • Increased productivity and heightened morale

  • Frequent social interaction among colleagues

  • Building stronger department teams and office communities

  • Increased focus and mindfulness on work-related tasks

  • Creating a positive and health-focused mindset

According to Excellence Canada, leaders in training and organization certifications, studies show that participation in workplace wellness programs (like an online nutrition seminar or cooking demo!) results in higher job satisfaction and overall enjoyment versus not participating at all.

Effective workplace wellness programs are available in many different forms and strive for the achievement of improved work-life balance by including all aspects of an employee’s wellbeing; physical, social, spiritual, mental, emotional, financial and environmental.

How to get started?

‘The secret to getting ahead is getting started’ ~Mark Twain

Kate and the Kitchen specializes in delivering practical and health-supportive nutrition and culinary presentations for all sizes of workplace groups.  Educating and demonstrating the importance of healthy eating is an important piece to the whole wellness puzzle.

People who eat well, work well.  Nutrient-rich foods help the brain focus on tasks, provide sustained energy for busy days, support learning and creativity, and help those who are ill recover faster.  PLUS learning how to prepare wholesome foods, simply and easily, helps ensure employees’ nutritional needs are met while working from either in or outside the home.

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