Nutrition Coaching (online/phone)

  • Initial consultation, lifestyle habits analysis, food journal
  • Weekly email and phone check-ins
  • Food and supplement recommendations, recipes, meal plan options
  • Includes exercise, stress management and cooking support*

$125 per month, minimum 3 month commitment.

*Added charge for in-home cooking lesson

In-Home Cooking Class

  • Essential cooking skills and techniques
  • Healthy recipe demonstrations
  • Assistance with family meal planning
  • Make-ahead food prep tips
  • Fridge and pantry organization
  • Up to 4 participants per session

$200, plus cost of food (approx. $10-15 per person)

SPECIAL:  25% off with Nutrition Coaching Package

Vitamin and Supplement Health Assessment

  • Vitamin/supplement products recommendations based on assessment results
  • Access to top-tier product line and wholesale prices

$45 for phone assessment or Free call and phone consultation with purchase of products

Workplace Wellness: Lunch n’ Learn Presentations

  • 60 minute speaking presentation (including a list of topics)
    • Topics:  Eat Green to Stay Lean, Healthy Eating 101, The Healthy Dinner Plate, Savvy Shopping, Stress the Positive, Eat to Beat, Superfoods
  • Healthy food demonstrations and samples
  • Team building seminars and workshops
  • Guest speaker and energizer for meetings (i.e. stretch break and smoothie demo)

$375 per 60-min presentation (additional charges for food demos)

$500 for 2 hour interactive workshop

Recipe Design, Development and Testing

  • Restaurant menu review and design
  • Recipe development and testing for food products (labels, website, promotions)
  • Recipe edits and re-writes (aka healthy recipe make-overs)
  • Pricing discussed per project need
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