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Pasta with Cream Sauce...or is it?

Pasta with Cream Sauce…or is it?

Here are the facts.  That random craving for Fettucini Alfredo will set you back around 1200 calories and 60+ grams of fat…and that’s just for 1 cup.  So if you order this creamy indulgent dish in a restaurant that serving could easily climb to two cups.  Yikes.  And what are the benefits of eating all […]

Butternut, meet Buttercup!

Butternut, meet Buttercup!

How ugly is this squash??? Seriously.  Since the winter already brings us few appealing vegetables, it sure doesn’t help when they’re not at all attractive.  Luckily this gnarly guy transforms into something so silky and delicious that all squash haters will reconsider. Cozy comfort food is what we’re all looking for as the weather turns […]

Peace, Love and Granola

Peace, Love and Granola

Poor granola.  Been through so much over the years.  First a super health food, promoted by doctors to get people to stop eating meat and start eating more whole grains and nuts.  Vegetarians and tree-huggers gobbled it up, but if you were a ‘normal’ person you stuck to your morning bowl of Cream of Wheat […]

Squash n' Beets n' Greens, Oh My!

Squash n’ Beets n’ Greens, Oh My!

Today is Monday.  If you’re practicing ‘Meatless Monday’ then you’re off to a great week of healthy eating!  Woohoo! March is also Nutrition Month across Canada, so if you’re planning on picking up better eating habits you may as well make March your month! How about starting off the week (and month) with a few […]

Spaghetti Pie:  When leftovers become lunch...yep, I said pie!

Spaghetti Pie: When leftovers become lunch…yep, I said pie!

Here’s a quickie but a goodie 🙂 Rather than re-heat leftover pasta, whether it’s spaghetti with meat sauce, mac n’ cheese or in my case here a vegan pasta putanesca (tomato, black olive and caper sauce), you can turn it into pie! So, so, so easy.  It’s creamy on the inside, crispy/crunchy on the outside, […]

That Yellow Spice is 600 Times as Nice!

That Yellow Spice is 600 Times as Nice!

Turmeric is gaining serious popularity these days, after only centuries of existing on earth and used by many cultures as a healing agent.  Presently it is one of the most thoroughly researched plants with it’s medicinal properties (primarily curcumin) being the subject of over 5000 published biomedical studies.  In fact, after a five-year long research […]

Forget your Valentine, chocolate is better eaten alone

Forget your Valentine, chocolate is better eaten alone

Alright, fine.  Share if you must.  But if your Valentine can’t appreciate the love and purity that goes into making a REAL chocolate dessert, then don’t offer them any and keep it for yourself.  It’s like dragging someone to see a movie you’ve been dying to see, like I dunno Fifty Shades of Grey, for […]

Is Butter Healthy?  Heck yes it is!

Is Butter Healthy? Heck yes it is!

Rather than re-write the exact same thing I’m letting Clean Eating Magazine tell you why butter is better. A lot of people avoid butter, but if you had to, could you explain why? You may be surprised to learn that research doesn’t necessarily back up the decades-long boycott many have on butter.  (and this where […]

Coo Coo for Coconut...and no, it's not just another fad

Coo Coo for Coconut…and no, it’s not just another fad

So here’s the skinny on coconut…Yep, I said skinny. Coconut DOES NOT  make you fat.  Ok? Read on.. Coconut is one of the healthiest, most beneficial foods I can even think of.  Unfortunately, over many  years, it developed such a bad reputation based on false information, This created much confusion on  whether it belonged in […]

'Comfort Food' is nothing more awesome than a warm blanket

‘Comfort Food’ is nothing more awesome than a warm blanket

As the weather becomes permanently frigid and extremely ‘blah’ (how else can I describe it?) nothing seems more comforting than warm, hearty food, right?  Admit that you’d love nothing more than to curl up in your jammies and indulge in a bowl of something warm and delicious.  Some mac n’ cheese, chicken noodle soup…extra noodles!, […]

Pizza Friday!

Pizza Friday!

There’s a new weekly event happening in my house, and it’s amazing. Pizza Friday happens, well, every Friday, and each week I strive to make the best darn Italian pie I can. No phoning the local delivery service (I’m NEVER happy with pizza from a box) and obviously no cheating by sticking a frozen, pre-fab […]

Hungry for something yummy?  Welcome to KATK!

Hungry for something yummy? Welcome to KATK!

Love food.  Live well. It’s simple really, and it’s what I’m all about! Welcome to Kate and the Kitchen. You can read up some more on who I am by visiting the KATK home page…so in the meantime let’s talk food.  In fact, let’s talk healthy food, easy food and tasty-in-your-mouth food! As a nutritionist […]

My Super Ugly Saturday Scramble!

My Super Ugly Saturday Scramble!

These days Saturday mornings go like this in my house: I sneak away around 6:45am and head to the gym (I know, it’s really freaken early, but it’s the only workout time I get to myself) and I leave the hubby and baby to wake up, have some oatmeal, and play until I get back. […]