My Super Ugly Saturday Scramble!

These days Saturday mornings go like this in my house:

I sneak away around 6:45am and head to the gym (I know, it’s really freaken early, but it’s the only workout time I get to myself) and I leave the hubby and baby to wake up, have some oatmeal, and play until I get back.  I walk through the door STARVING and luckily my amazing husband has a pot of delicious organic coffee brewed and ready for me to savour…sigh.  I might scarf down a banana before  taking the baby on a quick trip to the park,  and then he’s ready for a mid-morning nap.  Yahoo!  The two of us can then  sit down to more coffee and a healthy breakfast…which is usually this big ugly looking mess!  Does my husband care?  No way.  As long as it’s tasty he’s happy.  Do I care?  Sort of.

As a chef I like my food to look pretty, but when I’m hungry I let that go.  My Saturday Scramble is a melange of whatever I have in the fridge mixed into some fluffy organic eggs.  I could certainly practice my culinary techniques and knock out a perfect omelet, but really?  My growling stomach has no time for that.  Let’s eat!  We enjoy this eggy scramble with toast and a schmear of almond butter, and if we’re not in the mood to talk to one another (hey married people, it happens) we read the Saturday paper. Best part of the day!

I can’t egg scramble1provide you with a recipe, because I don’t have one.  But what I can tell you is that you’ll need about a half  dozen eggs, some leftover pizza toppings (from Friday pizza night, obviously), a little onion and garlic, some chopped frozen greens and some grated sharp cheese to whip up your own Saturday Scramble.

Here are some tips:

-Usually 5-6 eggs is plenty for two people.  In fact if your eggs are extra large you can get away with 4-5.  Budget for one egg to disappear from getting stuck in the pan.

-Saute your ingredients first (i.e. chopped garlic, handful of chopped red pepper, zucchini and some frozen kale in a couple teaspoons of oil or butter), then add eggs to the pan.  Cook eggs on low heat, stirring them occasionally with a spatula.  Take them off the heat when they look fluffy but slightly runny.  They’ll firm up, just don’t turn them into rubber by over cooking.  That’s gross.

-Add grated cheese once you’ve put the eggs into the pan.  Let it melt…

-Season with some good sea salt and serve with hot sauce, a homemade chili sauce, a few chopped fresh herbs, or just a crack of black pepper.

O.k., I sort of just gave you a recipe.  You’re welcome 🙂

Eggs are a complete protein and even considered a perfect food.  After a workout, whether it’s a run, bike, swim, power lifegg scramble finishedt or some head-standing yoga, they make a great recovery meal.  Greens are a staple in my diet so they definitely make their way into the pan.  I also use grass-fed butter or good olive oil to fry everything up.  Healthy fats help the body absorb essential vitamins from colouful veggies and even eggs!

Find some organic chickens!  I only buy high quality eggs, from pasture raised and free-run chickens.  No growth hormones, antibiotics or anything else that makes that yolk a pale, barely yellow colour.  A good egg has a fantastically orange yolk with such amazing richness and flavour.  If you still think eating the yolk will spike your cholesterol and make you fat, you are WAY WRONG.  In fact, I don’t like to associate myself with crazy egg-white omelet eaters.  O.k. I’m kidding….sort of.

Enjoy and Happy Saturday!  If you can make yours a lot prettier than mine I’d love to see!

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